2017 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards


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2017 Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Customer Contact Platform
Vendor of the Year

The award recipient offers a portfolio of customer experience platform addressing specific needs of organizations of all sizes. Vendor’s holistic solution encompasses customer engagement, employee engagement and business optimization aspects for organizations appropriately. Be it on premises or the cloud, vendor’s solution focuses on empowering organization to manage outcome through well designed customer relationships. Leveraging strength in its offerings, innovation and partner network, vendor grew its market share to 23% percent in a challenging market.

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2017 Frost & Sullivan Australia Customer Interaction Management Solutions Vendor of the Year

Capturing an impressive 14.5% market share in a highly-challenging segment, this award recipient differentiates itself from the competitors by offering a unique customer experience platform that addresses the diverse needs of organizations today. Be it on-premises or the cloud, this vendor’s solutions focus on empowering organizations to manage outcomes through well-designed customer relationships built on unique offerings, innovation and a strong partner network.

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2017 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Value-for-Money (1.3L & Below Category ) Car of the Year


The award recipient’s car model is currently the cheapest and most affordable vehicle model that is being offered in the market, appealing to a broad range of consumers. It is also the best-selling model in Malaysia with approximately 86,000 units sold in 2016. The total cost of ownership for the model in the first 5 years or first 100,000 km is approximately RM12, 000, with an average cost per km of 12 cents, offering the best in terms of fuel efficiency in its Segment.

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